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David Icke: The Biggest Secret. Forbidden Knowledge. The Key to our Past - Part 55

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Sound is especially important and this is why the Phoenicians were concerned more with the sound of their words than their spelling. Mantras, the constant repeating of the same phrase or sound, are part of this same knowledge. And, like all knowledge, they can be used for good or ill. The training of Japanese Samurai warriors included instruction in producing the fighting cry, “Kiai”. This sound is supposed to cause a lowering of blood pressure and partial paralysis in the hearer. Thus we have a ‘bloodchilling’ cry. Low frequency sounds of three to five cycles a second can kill you. The American researcher, James Shelby Downard, has written of this science of sounds, numbers and names in relation to the Kennedy assassination. The writer, Robert Anton Wilson, says in his book The Cosmic Trigger, that Downard’s theory is “The most absurd, the most incredible, the most ridiculous Illuminati theory of them all”. This makes me even more certain that Downard must definitely be on to something. My own research supports this, too.


Kennedy was killed on November 22nd 1963. This date was the anniversary of the order or papal bull by Pope Clement V for the Knights Templar to be subjected to torture by the Dominican Inquisition. It was issued on November 22nd 1307. November is also the 11th month and if you add that to 22, again you have 33. John and Jackie Kennedy left Fort Worth on the morning of November 22nd 1963 and the plane came to a stop at gate 28 at Love Field Airport in Dallas.

The number 28 is assigned the name ‘Beale’ in Solomonic cabalistic numerology. Beale is a word which derives in this way: Bel (El), Baal, Be al, Beal, Beale. These all relate to Sun gods. The 28th degree of the Knights Templar is the ‘King of the Sun degree’. JFK was born at 83 Beal Street, Brookline, Massachusetts, on May 29th 1917. The ‘protection’ of the President on this fatal trip to Dallas was organised by the New Orleans CIA station which was housed in a Masonic temple building. Dallas is just ten miles south of the 33rd degree of latitude and the founding lodge of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry was in Charleston, exactly on the 33rd degree. The first atom bomb was exploded at the ‘Trinity’ Site on the 33rd degree of latitude. The Kennedy motorcade travelled down Elm Street once home to the Blue Front Tavern, the meeting place for Freemasons, and at 12.22 pm it arrived in Dealey Plaza. Elm Street was known as ‘Bloody’ Elm Street because it was the scene of countless gun fights, stabbings and other acts of violence. 

The national offices of Texaco Oil are on Elm Street. Close to Dealey Plaza is the Trinity River which used to flood the Plaza for many years until the introduction of flood defences. Into this open air temple of the ancient Brotherhood came Jackie Kennedy, representing the goddess, the Queen of Love and Beauty and her scapegoat Sun King, John F Kennedy. He was the sacrifice in the ancient ritual of the Killing of the Sun King: the ‘Ceannaideach’ which is Gaelic for Wounded Head. Kennedy, of course, was shot in the head. I have it from a very good source that Kennedy didn’t die until the following spring. My source claims that the ‘Kennedy’ who appeared in the post mortem photographs was J. D. Tippet, the police officer and Kennedy look-alike who was supposed to have been shot by Oswald with a gun that wasn’t working!

When JFK was 22, a sculpture was made of him as a winged angel and it was presented to the Vatican where it was used as part of a panel in which the angel hovers over St Therese as she writes in a book.17 After the assassination, Kennedy’s body was code-named ‘Angel’ and the same name was used for the plane, Air Force 1, which flew his coffin back to Washington.18 Both Kennedy and Oswald were buried in places related to ‘Arlington’. Kennedy at the Arlington National Cemetery near Washington DC and Oswald at the Rosehill Cemetery, near Arlington, Texas. Arlington is a word related to Freemasonic sorcery and pertains to necrophilia, a morbid attraction to corpses. Oswald is Os or Oz, the Egyptian Sun god Osiris as in the Wizard of Oz. If you are looking at the synchronicity in the science of names and numbers, look at the astonishing coincidences between the assassinations of JFK and Abraham Lincoln, who was also killed by the Brotherhood. Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846 and Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946. Lincoln was elected president in 1860 and Kennedy was elected president in 1960. Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth, was born in 1839 and Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin of Kennedy, was born in 1939. Their successors were both called Johnson. Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, was born in 1808 and Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908. Lincoln’s secretary was called Kennedy and Kennedy’s secretary was called Lincoln. Both presidents were murdered on a Friday in the presence of their wives and both were shot in the head.

Kennedy’s vice-president, Lyndon Baines Johnson, had prior knowledge of the assassination and when he became president he immediately reversed all the policies on Vietnam, interest-free money, and the CIA which Kennedy was implementing. The Brotherhood Mother Goddess, Arizona Wilder, says she saw the shape-shifting Johnson at sacrifice rituals. Johnson’s middle name, Baines, comes from the related Scottish clans of Bain, Bayne, Beathy, Binnie, Beath and Beth. Freemasons from these clans claim the same ancestor.19 The term, Mac, means ‘son of’ and so the son of Bain becomes MacBain and the interconnected clan, Beth, becomes MacBeth, the Scottish king made world famous by the writings of ‘William Shakespeare’.  Bain in French means bath and this is an origin of the Order of the Bath title awarded by the British monarch. Purification or absolution baths are given to the Masonic ‘Knights of the Bath’ before they cause murder and mayhem on the Brotherhood’s behalf. 

After her husband’s death, Jackie Kennedy journeyed to the island of Delos in the Aegean Sea which is considered by legend to be the birthplace of the goddess Diana and Apollo the Greek Sun god. Diana (the Moon) and Apollo (the Sun) are often brought together in Brotherhood symbolism. Delos is also known as the Island of the Dead because another version of the goddess Diana, known as Hecate, is said to be the patroness of the ‘infernal arts’. Jackie went on to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi in Greece and in the ruins of a Greek theatre on that site she performed an ancient rite known as the Greeting of the Sun. She performed this, according to James Shelby Downard, “With the expertise of an Aleister Crowley”.20 Another stop on her tour was the island of Santorina with its reputation for vampires. The origin of the vampire stories are the blood drinking and blood sucking rituals of the Brotherhood and their ‘energy sucking’ rituals, also. The vampire stories put the truth before our eyes in a way that we think is only fiction. This is something the Brotherhood loves to do via its biggest vehicle for communication, Hollywood, a name which comes from the holly bush, the holly (holy) wood of the Druid magicians. Hollywood is called a place of magic. Exactly
what it is. It’s playing with our minds, manipulating illusions.

There are so many similarities between the Kennedy assassination, the ritual killing of a Sun King, and that of Diana, Princess of Wales, in what I am convinced to have been a ritual murder of the Moon goddess known to the ancients as Diana. It was planned that Kennedy would die on that spot at that time long before he became president and so, I believe, Diana was groomed for at least many years to die in Paris at that spot at that time, also. It is quite possible that this was planned from their childhood, even birth.

I know how extreme that sounds, but when you study the Brotherhood in depth you realise very quickly that they are not formulating their plans weeks or months in advance, but literally centuries. From the lower fourth dimension they have a very different perspective of time in this dimension than we do. In the concluding chapters I will look in more detail at this and how and why such ritual assassinations are performed with such an eye to detail. Planning the murder of the Roman Catholic John Kennedy, the Sun King, to mark the anniversary of the Roman Church’s Inquisition against the Knights Templar (or some other ritual) could quite obviously have been agreed decades in advance and the scapegoat decided and groomed for office. 

In the same way, Diana’s birth to the bloodline family the Spencers in 1961 could have led to her being chosen as a symbol of the goddess Diana who would be led to a ritual death in an ancient sacred place of Diana worship and sacrifice, the Pont de L’Alma tunnel in Paris. I think there is an excellent chance that this is what happened. Just as Kennedy was manoeuvred into the presidency in 1960 for his ritual murder in 1963, 50 Diana was manoeuvred and manipulated into a marriage with Prince Charles and, finally, into the Pont de L’Alma tunnel. People say that to arrange the murder of Diana would have involved enormous planning and a great deal of time. Yes, that’s probably right. But they had plenty of time.

Diana Frances Spencer was born at Park House on the Queen’s Sandringham estate in Norfolk on July 1st 1961, the third and youngest daughter of Viscount Althorp, later the 8th Earl Spencer, and his first wife Frances Roche. Her parents separated when she was six and divorced in 1969, and her mother married the wallpaper tycoon Peter Shand-Kidd. Diana had a younger brother, Charles, the present Earl Spencer, and two sisters, Jane and Sarah. Another son was born before Diana, but he died and she believed that her parents would much rather she been a boy, a son and heir. Diana said that her childhood was very unhappy and she was to crave all her short life for the love and warmth denied her as a child. Living at Sandringham she knew the Queen from the time she was a little girl and she used to play with the royal children. It is said that Charles first saw Diana when she was still in her pram. She remembered, with less than affection, being shunted over to the Queen’s residence during the holidays year after year to watch the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The choice of movie is interesting because it was written by Ian Fleming, the intelligence agent, friend of Aleister Crowley and author of the James Bond novels. 

The movie features a king and queen who hate children. They employ a child catcher to lure children, abduct them, and put them in a cage. They are then taken to the castle and locked in a dungeon. It is all symbolism for what is actually happening and there is no way that the Windsors played this for Diana so often by accident. Certainly Diana was already picking up the Windsor ‘vibes’ at Sandringham. She told Andrew Morton in his book, Diana: Her True Story: “The atmosphere was always very strange when we went there and I used to kick and fight anyone who tried to make us go” 21 So the Windsors were well aware of Diana from the moment she was born. When she was 13, Diana moved from Norfolk to live at Althorp in Northamptonshire, the Spencer family’s ancestral home, after her father inherited the title of Earl Spencer. Diana was particularly devastated when her father married Raine, the daughter of the novelist Barbara Cartland. Diana had a deep loathing for her. She said in Diana: Her True Story that in September 1989 she had unleashed her years of frustration on Raine: “I told her what I thought about her, and I’ve never known such anger in me. I remember really going for her gullet”. I said “If you only knew how much we all hated you for what you’ve done, you’ve ruined the house (Althorp), you spend all daddy’s money, and for what?” The empathy that Diana had with people in emotional distress came from her own emotional scars which she carried all her life.

The Spencers are an Elite bloodline family. They are cousins of the Spencer-Churchills and related to the Marlborough family at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, where Winston Churchill was born. Other forebears included the Duke of Marlborough, Sir Robert Walpole, and the Spencer family inherited a considerable fortune from Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough. They also married into the Cavendish family, the Dukes of Devonshire at Chatsworth House, and that offshoot became known as Spencer-Cavendish. Diana shared common ancestors with Prince Charles in the 3rd Duke of Devonshire and, most significantly, King James I, the first Stuart king of England and Scotland and sponsor of Francis Bacon. It was King James who played a highly influential role in the expansion of the Brotherhood, the formation of the Virginia Company which still controls the United States, and the creation of the King James version of the Bible. Diana was also descended through several lines from the Stuart kings, Charles II and James II, which connected her, as with James I, to the Merovingian bloodline in France. Charles II had so many children out of wedlock that goodness knows where some of their bloodlines are today. One thing’s for sure, the Brotherhood will know. As Elite families go, the Spencers are an important bloodline and Diana was related to countless aristocratic lines, including the Earls of Lucan.

Further afield the Spencers have blood ties with many leading American families and they are distantly related to the Rockefellers. They have a long history of serving the monarch and the tradition continued with Diana’s father. He was equerry to King George VI (who was married to the Queen Mother) and to Queen Elizabeth. Diana’s sister, Jane, is married to Sir Robert Fellowes, the Queen’s Private Secretary at the time of Diana’s death. Both of Diana’s grandmothers, the Countess Spencer and Ruth Lady Fermoy, were inner circle members of the Queen Mother’s court, as were four of her great aunts. The Spencers and the Queen Mother were very close and it was Lady Fermoy and the Queen Mother who manipulated Diana into her marriage with Prince Charles. This could be most significant when you hear about the true nature of the Queen Mother.

The countdown to the marriage began when Diana met Prince Charles at Althorp while he was having a relationship with her sister Sarah, in 1977. Diana was 16, but it was three years later that the Windsors really made their move on her. With the Queen Mother and Lady Fermoy manipulating behind the scenes, she was invited to a dance at Buckingham Palace to celebrate Charles’ 30th birthday. Then, in July 1980, a friend of Charles, Philip de Pass, asked her to stay with them while the Prince was there. In Diana’s own words, Charles was all over her and “He leapt on me practically”.22 He asked her to travel with him to Buckingham Palace the next day and an invitation followed to join the Windsors in the September at Balmoral, their residence in Scotland.

Diana and Charles before Wedding

Eventually Charles asked her to marry him and she accepted. “I love you so much” Diana said to him. “Whatever love is” Charles replied.23 That is such a telling statement about the Windsors and the way they bring up their children. They don’t understand love because they give and receive so little. Imagine being a young child and having to line up with everyone else to shake your mother’s hand when she returned from an overseas visit. That is how the Queen and Prince Philip treated Charles. Diana was a kindergarten nanny when the story of the relationship broke in the media and her life in the public eye and the constant spotlight had begun. So had her nightmare with the Windsors. Looking back, Diana could see that Charles had never been genuine in his affection for her. She realised even before the wedding that he was having a relationship with his real love, Camilla Parker-Bowles, and this continued and grew during their marriage. Charles and Camilla communicated using the code ‘Gladys and Fred’. Camilla, like the Windsors, is close to the Rothschilds and on the first anniversary of Diana’s death, she was on the lonian island of Corfu enjoying the hospitality of Lord Jacob Rothschild.24 He has also spent £16 million leasing and restoring the Spencer’s 18th century mansion overlooking
Green Park in London, close to Buckingham Palace.25

Diana and Charles before Wedding

The Windsors wanted Diana to produce heirs with Spencer genes and that was all she was to them: an incubator. A week after her engagement to Charles, her bulimia began. This is an eating disorder in which you make yourself sick every time you eat food. Diana was throwing up three or four times a day and became desperately thin. As I mentioned in an earlier chapter, many victims of childhood sexual and Satanic abuse suffer from bulimia later in life. She said that the bulimia was ‘triggered’ when Charles put his hand on her waist and said “Oh, a bit chubby here, aren’t we?” Bulimia is a disease of the emotions, as most diseases are, and Diana was in emotional turmoil even before the wedding. She described the attitude of Charles like this:

“He’d found the virgin, the sacrificial Iamb, and in a way he was obsessed with me. But it was hot and cold, hot and cold. You never knew what mood it was going to be, up and down, up and down... He was in awe of his mama, intimidated by his father, and I was always the third person in the room.”26

She met her sisters and told them she couldn’t go through with the marriage, especially with Camilla still on the scene, but they said she had no choice because “Your face is on the tea towels and you’re too late to chicken out”. Before the wedding, Diana stayed at Clarence House, the London residence of the Queen Mother. When she had arrived no-one was there to welcome her, she said, it was like going to a hotel.

Diana and Charles were married in St Paul’s Cathedral on July 29th 1981. That morning at Clarence House she said she felt calm, deathly calm: “I felt I was a lamb to the slaughter. I knew it, and I couldn’t do anything about it”.27 What prophetic words those would prove to be. They spent the first night of their honeymoon at the Mountbatten family estate at Broadlands in Hampshire before sailing around the Greek islands in the royal yacht Britannia (Barati). The bulimia got worse and she considered suicide, such was the scale of her unhappiness. “My husband made me feel so inadequate in every possible way that each time I came up for air he pushed me down again. I hated myself so much”. One of Diana’s royal duties in 1982 was to represent the Queen at the funeral of Princess Grace of Monaco, another victim of Brotherhood murder when the brakes on her car failed. 

Princess Grace, formerly the actress Grace Kelly, ran the Monaco branch of the Order of the Solar Temple with Jean Louis Marsan, the close friend of her husband, Prince Rainier. The Windsors got what they wanted when Prince William was conceived. Diana was told that the birth had to be induced to fit in with Charles’ polo playing programme and the blond-haired, blue-eyed William was born on June 21st 1982, the summer solstice. Now first of all, what kind of father and husband insists that his wife and son be given needless drugs to suit his polo diary? And secondly, does anyone believe that was really the reason? 

Cover: After Diana

The Windsors are obsessed with astrology and the esoteric arts to such an extent that the psychic-astrologer mother of an Irish friend of mine could predict with uncanny accuracy the colours the Queen and Queen Mother would be wearing every day. She was correct again and again because she knew the colours connected to each day according to esoteric law. A family so steeped in Satanism, the esoteric mysteries, and the Sun cult, induce the heir to ensure he is born on the summer solstice, when the Sun is at the peak of its power, and that’s just a coincidence? No way. He was christened William (after the Black Nobility William the Conqueror) Arthur (after the Sun God symbol, King Arthur) Philip (after the Duke of Edinburgh) Louis (after Louis Mountbatten). William’s first serious girlfriend, according to the British press, was Emma Parker-Bowles, the niece of his father’s lover, Camilla.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry was born in September 1984 and Diana’s usefulness to the Windsors was over. “Then suddenly as Harry was born it just went bang, our marriage, the whole thing went down the drain”, she told Andrew Morton.28 Diana and Charles separated in 1992 and divorced on August 28th 1996. Almost exactly a year later she was dead.

Der Kensington Palace (deutsch: „Kensington-Palast“) ist ein wichtiges Gebäude in der Geschichte der britischen Monarchie. Der Palast liegt im Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London.
Der Kensington-Palast heuteDer Kensington-Palace im 18. Jahrhundert

Das von Sir Christopher Wren umgestaltete Schloss war früher ein privater Landbesitz und wurde im Jahr 1689 von Mary II. und Wilhelm III. ausgebaut, um im Winter nicht die Feuchtigkeit der Whitehall ertragen zu müssen. In den nächsten 70 Jahren wurde der Palast immer wichtiger für das gesellschaftliche und politische Leben des Landes. In der Lebenszeit von George I. und George II. wurde das Anwesen verschwenderisch mit Prunkgemächern ausgestattet und erhielt eine herausragende Möbel- und Gemäldesammlung. Besonders bekannt sind vor allem die aufwendigen Deckenverzierungen von William Kent. Nachdem George II. im Jahr 1760 plötzlich starb, verlor das Gebäude immer mehr an Bedeutung. Bis heute lebte nie wieder ein regierender Monarch hier.
Prinzessin Victoria wurde 1819 im Kensington-Palast geboren. Im Juni 1837 ereignete sich wieder ein geschichtsträchtiges Ereignis im Palast: Prinzessin Victoria, die damalige Bewohnerin, erwachte als neue Königin Englands. Daraufhin zog sie sofort in den Buckingham-Palast um.
Im Jahr 1912 wurde der Palast erstmals der Öffentlichkeit zugänglich gemacht. Es fand eine Ausstellung über Reliquien und andere Gegenstände der City of London statt, die an nur einem Tag mehr als 13.000 Besucher begeistern konnte. Heute kann man die Ausstellungsstücke im Museum of London bewundern.
Prinzessin Diana lebte von 1981 bis zu ihrem Tod 1997 im Palast. Source: Wikipedia (Hinzugefügt).

Diana lived in apartments at Kensington Palace or ‘KP’ as she called it. Prince Michael of Kent, the Grand Master of English Freemasonry, has his home there, also.

The Brotherhood-Windsor machine attempted to destroy Diana’s credibility and public esteem. A tape of an intimate telephone conversation between her and the car dealer, James Gilbey, was released through the media in 1992. On the tape Diana said that Charles was a real torture. She told Gilbey: “I’ll go out and conquer the world, do my bit in the way I know how and leave him behind”.

But despite, perhaps because of, the efforts to discredit her, Diana’s popularity continued and grew. Her unique combination of a big heart, a global public profile, and an intense desire to settle a score with the Windsors, threatened the very survival of royalty. Her natural compassion and empathy with people were putting the emotionless Windsors in the shade and exposing them as out of date and irrelevant. The naive, shy 19-year-old, who was enticed into the Windsor web, was now a woman who was realising her true power and was prepared to use it. She took the issue of landmines from obscurity to the front pages across the world and she had the platform to do that with any subject she chose.

To the Windsors and the Brotherhood, this lady was dangerous with a capital D. She also knew many intimate secrets of the Windsors and the establishment. She knew where the bodies were buried as they say, and she had shown in her famous interview with the BBC current affairs programme, Panorama, in November 1995, that she was prepared to reveal some of them. That interview, in which she talked of her unhappy relationship with the royal family in very forthright terms, did immense harm to the Windsors and they must have wondered what on earth she would do next. In my travels around the world I met a man who had a call from Diana in March 1997, a few months before she died. He was amazed when she said it was the Princess of Wales and he didn’t believe her at first, especially when she said that she was calling from a ‘supermarket phone’ in England. But Diana and this man had a mutual friend, and a close confidant of Diana told me that she often rang people from public phones, particularly from a department store in Kensingston, when she wanted to be certain the conversation would not be tapped.

Diana admired this man for his wisdom and knowledge. She said she had something to reveal that would shake the world and she wanted his advice on how best to do it. He will not reveal what she told him, but when I said that I knew she was aware of the Windsors’ connection to global drugs trafficking, he said: “Oh no, it was much worse than that”. You might get an idea of what it could have been later in this chapter. Diana knew far more than people realise, as we shall also see. But that was only one level of the plot to kill Diana. At the highest level of the black magicians who control the Brotherhood networks, I have no doubt that her death had long been planned according to their ancient and deeply sick ritual. These two levels, the practical need to remove her (lower initiates) and the need for a ritual killing of the ‘goddess Diana’ (highest initiates) would run side by side, exactly as they did with President Kennedy.

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