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„The most famous of Durer's self-portraits is the one painted in 1500, symbolically marking the important ending of the old, and beginning of the new century. The end of the 15th century was marked with apocalyptic prophecies of the end of the world and as opposed to eschatological endings of the previous century, the portrait represents the figure of Saviour blessing 'a new beginning' since the world obviously survived another promised end. Durer was at the age 28.“

Albrecht Dürer: Self-Porträt. 1500

„The dimensions of the painting are 67.1 x 48.7 cm. They are most carefully chosen to amplify the symbolism and the special synchronicity of events, the beginning of the new century and the 'perfect' age of Durer, 28. The height of the painting, 67.1 cm, is exactly the same as 28 Frankfurt inches (Zoll) measuring 2.39 cm. 1“

1 Zoll (Frankfurt) = 2.39 cm
67.1 cm = 28 x 2.39 cm 

„The appropriateness of Frankfurt inch is amplified by the direct symbolism of number 28, the age of Durer, and the second 'perfect number', following 6, the number that also plays most important role in the composition and symbolism of this auto-portrait. The number is 'perfect' when it is the sum of its divisors (without itself): 28 = 1+2+4+7+14. The first four perfect numbers 6, 28, 496, and 8128 were known to Greeks. Every even perfect number is hexagonal and therefore also triangular, 28 is the 4th hexagonal and the 7th triangular number. 2“

Perfect number 28 is 7th triangular and 4th hexagonal number

„It has been proved many times that the dimensions of the compositions of the old masters were all rationally picked, mostly to convey additional information that was impossible to present by means of craft, and on the other pointer to rationalise the composition in order to ensure the harmonic relations between the part and the whole. The more the master was skilled the more simple composition reveals the most profound secrets, but secrets only for the ignorant, for students they were like hieroglyphs of magickal experience.“

„Curiously, Frankfurt inch doesn't seem to fit in the width of the portrait. However strange it may appear - the measure 48.7 cm equals exactly one and a half of Pied de Roi, French royal foot:“

48.7 cm = 1.5 x 32.47 cm 
Pied de Roi = 32.47 cm
Medieval German
measures from
1 Zoll = 2.39cm
12 Zoll = 1 Fuss
4 Zoll = 1 Palm                                         
1 Zoll = 10 Linie
1 Zoll = 100 Pun.

anno XXVIII - detail from the painting

„The decision for Pied de Roi is perhaps not so strange. By the time Durer was internationally acknowledged, especially in Italy, but not in Germany. In the previous auto-portrait, at age 26, his cosmopolitan attitude is imminent if not provoking. The window behind suggests some wider perspective than local rivalry. Durer with the use of Pied de Roi suggested the 'trans-local' meaning of the statement behind the picture, while the measure 1.5 resembles the year 1500, the birth of a new 16th century. This kind of encoding, where one of the main dimensions is carefully chosen to express the age of the portrayed, is also found in two other Durer's autoportraits as will be presented later.“

„Frankfurt's foot and French Pied de Roi are also proportionally related, which could be another rationale for the use of two different systems of measures in a single composition. German foot from Frankfurt measures 35,16 cm which is exactly 13/12 of Pied de Roi measuring 32.48 cm:“

35.16 : 32.48 =  13 : 12
„In other words, 13 inches derived from Pied de Roi are equal to 1 Frankfurt foot.“

Modular Composition 

„The second layer of symbolic code is hidden in the modular composition that regulates the basic positioning of the lines and ratios of the painting. The symbolism is again based on spezial qualities of chosen numbers, particularly the figurative aspect of triangular numbers, a clear echo of neo-Platonic thought and (neo-) Pythagorean tradition of mingling a philosophic speculation with figurative numbers.“

The ratio of measures, 67.1 : 48.7 cm, comes closely to the ratio 11:8.
67.1 : 48.7 cm = 11 : 8

„Ratio 11:8 again associates the perfect number 28, since 11 reduced is 1+1=2. The diagonal of the rectangle 11:8 is a √185 or, almost without an error, 13.6 modules. Synonymous number 136 3 is indicating the signature and identification of the artist, just like in Melencolia Eins fourteen years later, where the same number occurs as the sum of the numbers of the magical sphere of Jupiter above the melancholic figure. It is also the value of the title MELENCOLIA EINS = 136, in simple Latin gematria 4. 136 is gematrical value of the artist in the same code:“

ALBRECHT DVRER = (1+12+2+18+5+3+8+20)+(4+22+18+5+18) = 136

„This number doesn't bear only personal significance but it also signifies a wider context, again it appears to be the birth of the 16th century, since the sum of the first 16 numbers is 136, therefore 136 is 16th triangular number.“

Salvator Mundi

„Panofsky in The Life and Art of Albrecht Durer 5 emphasizes the obvious disguise of Christ into which Durer cloaks himself, and a direct relation of gesture to the unfinished painting Salvator Mundi, started probably in 1505. This idea is expressed in Latin gematria in the sum of main dimensions in modules, 110 and 80:“

IESUS CHRISTUS = 110 + 80 = 190

Quelle: Alex Grey. Hinzugefügt

„The same is confirmed also by the circumference of the triangle consisting of both main dimensions (110 and 80) and the diagonal of the painting (136), this time inHebrew gematria 6:“

IHShVH, Jeheshua, Jesus =110 + 80 + 136 = 326 



modular composition 11:8           composition based on hexagram	                  modular rhythm based on 
geometry of hexagram

„Jeheshua is known to the cabalists as the God's name pertaining to the sixth sefira, Tiphareth, on the Tree of Life. Tiphareth, or Beauty in English, is the seat of consciousness.“

„According to tradition, life is enrolled in seven cycles of twelve years, totaling 84 years. It is also separated into triads of 28 years. If this cycles are applied to the Tree of Life, the first period comprises the first four sephiroth (Malkuth, Yesod, Hod, and Netzah). The next cycle of 28 years starts with the sixth sephira Tiphareth, the sphere of Sun. In the 'opus alchymicum', this stage would represent the end of the initial black stage, nigredo, and the beginning of the next, white stage in life of aspirant, albedo 7. Therefore is the illuminated figure on the painting identified with Christ as creative Logos veiled in the blackness of matter. What makes this picture a mysterious masterpiece is theinherent drama that may be perceived as a kind of uncertainty what will come out of the darkness: the Great Beast or Redeemer, or are they different manifestations of the same?“

„The geometrical analysis reveals also a very rudimentary hexagonal composition that rests on the fingertip of Durer. He even placed both inscriptions 8 inside the empty corners of the hexagram to emphasize the underlying geometry. The height of the board is divided into five parts and the hexagram is four parts high. Various combinations of the modules completely delineate the outlines of the main contours.“

Quelle: Notes Morphus:

1 - Background of the metrological data is the forthcoming book by Prof. Tine Kurent, The Architect's Notebook, NUIT. 1 - 
2 - Number 28 is also the number of days in the lunar cycle. Since it is the sum of the first 7 numbers it is the mystical number of Netzah, sphere of Venus on the kabbalistic Tree of Life. Furthermore, this perfect number is the gematric value of Hebrew IChVD = 28, Unity. 
3 - Modules can be subdivided in 'tens' like printers divided inch into 10 lines, therefore ten times bigger numbers.
4 - The values of simple Latin gematria are A = 1, B = 2, ... , Z = 26. 
5 - The Life and Art of Albrecht Durer by Erwin Panofsky, Princeton, 1995. 
6 - Hebrew gematria, Aleph = 1, Beth = 2, ..., Iod = 10, ..., Thau = 400.
7 - Alchymical opus is in perfect accordance with the doctrine of pentagrammaton IHShVH, Jeheshua. The crude materia has to be dissolved, mortificated in the initial, black, stage (nigredo) in order to experience rebirth (albedo) on the subtler levels. 
8 - The inscriptions are: 1500 AD and Albertus Durerus Noricus  

Levitating Stone


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Die  Kronen symbolisieren die höhere Natur in jedem Menschen, sein individueller potentieller innerer Adel. Jedermann ist verpflichtet seinen inneren Adel nach Albrecht Dürer und Carl Huter zu heben. Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
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Carl Huter Albrecht Durer, Self-portrait, 1500
dim. 67.1 x 48.7 cm