NASA`s first-ever shuttle flight to leave Earth on Independence Day - Part 2

Given this background, it was still astonishing for us to discover an unmistakable “signature” … unequivocally linking the millennial-old Order of the Assassins to the horrific events of September 11, 2001.  Because - If you take the current year, 2001, and subtract the year al-Hasan ibn-al-Sabbah founded the Assassins, 1090, you get --

Obviously, whoever was behind this modern horror wanted us to specifically and unmistakably connect the unique and ancient Middle Eastern “secret and warrior society” –- the Order of the Assassins –- with this specific 9/11 event.  Further, as previously noted, they also wanted us to realize that this is also the only year, 2001, that the addition of the numbers in the year of the founding of the Knights Templar  –- 1118 (1+1+1+8 = 11) -– plus the number of founding Knights in the Templar Order (9), gives the same identifying number --
It should now also be obvious that the same “someone” who meticulously planned these attacks, also wanted it known that there was a major nexus between their planning and the Templars -– between the date of the Templars formation in 1118 (and that first Crusade, which brought them to their secret excavations on the Temple Mount) -- and this one date: September 11, 2001.  And … an equally fundamental connection between the Templars and the Assassins themselves …
 “Within a decade of their return, the Templars were probably the most influential body the world has ever known. Nonetheless, despite the prodigious holdings of the Order, the individual Knights were still bound to a vow of poverty. Whatever his station in life, every Templar was obliged to sign over title to his possessions. Even the Grand Master, Hugues de Payens, had done so. Yet still the sons of nobility flocked to join the Order, either as warriors in the Crusades or as travelling ambassadors and political consultants.

Templars established the first international banking network

Being so well funded, the Templars established the first international banking network, becoming financiers for the Lebant and for practically every throne in Europe.

One Dollar                                                                        WTC-Towers - Gothic Cathedrals

In addition to their obvious resemblance to the soaring Gothic cathedrals that so obviously impressed Yamasaki decades before, what else was he trying to communicate through his choice of this particular design?  Did he, like the Templar architects and Masons who built the astonishing cathedrals a thousand years before, also encode ultimate “Masonic secrets” in the Towers’ very forms …?

“... a prefabricated steel lattice, with columns on 39-inch centers …” As everyone who has followed our research should instantly recognize by now, 39 is none other than - Twice 19.5! Two towers …  twice 19.5 … creating a 39-inch separation of the steel.


“ … The floor construction is of prefabricated trussed steel, only 33 inches in depth, that spans the full 60 feet to the core .…” And, again, those of you have followed our research will instantly recognize that - “33” is not only the highest attainable Degree in Masonry in the Scottish Rite  … it is also (and more fundamentally) the sin of 19.5 degrees. “60” of course is the critical angle in both equilateral triangles and the tetrahedra of which they are comprised -- the latter incorporating those same critical circumscribed 19.5-degree angles …

In other words, it is overwhelmingly obvious that Yamasaki went out of his way to quietly, secretly, incorporate key Templar/Masonic geometric information in the most fundamental dimensions of the World Trade Center Towers themselves.  By using these specific units [which are NOT metric, and certainly not part of any Imperial (English) measurement system], there can be no other logical explanation for Yamasaki’s bizarre choices of those specific numbers … other than to enshrine Masonic secrets in his masterpieces … and thus provide convincing proof of the  Trade Towers ultimate symbolic role as “the twin pillars of Solomon.”

Two Towers

And on September 11th, 2001, these 110-story representations of Jachin and Boaz –- incorporating, through Minoru Yamasaki’s quiet genius, elements of Templar knowledge extending back at least a thousand years -- were finally, deliberately, and totally … destroyed.

The only surviving clue as to the hidden knowledge once incorporated in their towering construction, being haunting portions of “… the prefabricated steel lattice, with columns on 39-inch centers .…”

Pentagon                             Crash                                                        WTC-Towers

July 04, '06   STS-121/Gaza Super Torch Ritual

Goroadachi writes on Independent Day - U.S.A., „very much like the last space shuttle mission, Discovery STS-114, we are seeing a huge amount of 'Communication' taking place with Discovery STS-121 set to blast into space today on Independence Day (assuming no more delays). It's of course a major 'Torch Day', Lady Liberty being the ultimate Torch Bearer...

The 'codes' are very extensive and I can't go into all of them right now, but here is a little tip of the iceberg or I should say the tip of the pyramid...“
One illumiated All-Seeing Eye

„There is also this connection:“

Goroadachi writes, „the intense conflict in Gaza unfolding at this time was triggered when an Israeli solider was abducted by Palestinian militants on June 25.

It was considered an echo point from around May 5 which in turn would produce volcanic events most notably that of Mount St. Helens.“

Mount St. Helens

„'Helen' means 'torch' and/or 'moon' - celestially echoed on June 24/25 by the Moon along with the Sun occupying the 'torch' area of Orion...“

June 24/25 2006

Paris - Cube. Historical axis of Paris

„In Greek myth it was the abduction of Helen by Paris that triggered the Trojan War or the ancient 'World War'. Like Helen, Paris is a figure identified with a 'torch' (that burnt Troy). Around June 24 was when the Historical Axis of Paris via the 'twist' of the Grande Arche 'hypercube' aligned with sunset (which was a major driving force behind the window).

Without the 'twist', the alignment annually takes place on ~May 5 (Beltane cross-quarter day). Thus we have a 'torch sequence' of ~May 5 Helen (Mt. St. Helens) + Paris => ~June 25/25 abduction + Paris, eerily expressing the beginning storyline of the Trojan War.“
Helen and Paris. Jacques-Louis David. Oil on canvas. 1788. Musée du Louvre - Paris

This is not a new theme, Goroadachi writes, as I wrote - posted on January 12, '06:
„A bigger context would be the 'Trojan War' or World War III. [...] For months I have been hinting and mentioning that the key theme active in this period seems to be that of 'Judgment of Paris' and other related events in mythology that precede the great Trojan War or the ancient 'World War'. Again, it could be said that 'seeds' are being sown.“

Brueghel, The Burning of Troy

GoroadachiDotCom writes 17. July 2006: „Like Gaza, the intense conflict between Hezbollah and Israel began with the kidnapping  of two lsraeI soldiers, continuing to follow the pre-Trojan War template (kidnapping of Helen by Paris leading to the great ancient war). 'Hezbollah' means 'Party of God', and as pointed out by a reader, the Golden Apple or Apple of Discord for which a beauty contest judged by Paris was held, known as the 'Judgment of Paris', was thrown into a 'party of the gods'. The goddess of discord Eris wasn't invited which made her upset and throw the Golden Apple with the inscription 'for the fairest' into the party, starting the beauty contest, the kidnapping of Helen, and then the Trojan War. 'Fairest' can be interpreted as 'whitest', which is then relatable to 'Lebanon' which means 'white'. Interestingly, 'Iran' derives from 'Aryan' which would fit the 'whitest' description quite well.


A bigger context would be the 'Trojan War' or World War III. [...] the key theme active in this period seems to be that of 'Judgment of Paris' and other related events in mythology that precede the great Trojan War or the ancient 'World War'. Again, it could be said that 'seeds' are being sown.“

Goroadachi writes 20.7.2006: „It's interesting in light of the 'Golden Apple'/'Trojan War' theme that Cyprus, now the main haven for refugees fleeing Lebanon, is the birthplace of Aphrodite - the goddess who offered Helen to Paris as a bribe for the prize of the Golden Apple (leading to the war). Cyprus is also notable for being divided into two cultures/peoples - Greeks and Turks. These are the very two groups (Greeks and Trojans) that fought in the Trojan War.

Venus/Aphrodite from Botticelli (1445-1510)

Aphrodite is Venus, and the planet Venus right now (around 7/19) is at the 'torch' position of Orion (which is also a celestial 'crossroads', a key theme in this period). 'Helen' means 'torch'/'moon' and Paris is mythologically also a torch figure (that burned down Troy).“

Levitating Stone

So... 'Enki's STR Communication' is becoming very active and the above is only a little sample of the codes being transmitted on an 'open channel' at this time.“
Quelle: Goroadachi, Enterprisemission, et al.

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