Albrecht Dürer und Carl Huter
Kunst und Wissenschaften

Es ist wissenschaftshistorische Tatsache, dass  die  genannten Bemühungen von Albrecht Dürer erst im Universalen Zeitalter der Wissenschaften, Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts und Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts,  ihre wissenschaftliche Grundsteinlegung erhalten konnten. Der Deutsche, wie Albrecht Dürer auf seinen grossen Tafeln zuweilen unterzeichnete, ist durch seine Bemühungen um den Ausbau der Kunst-Physiognomik der Begründer der deutschen Physiognomik geworden. Albrecht Dürers Proportionswerk ist das erste physiognomische Lehrbuch in deutscher Sprache. Bezug - „Die vier Apostel“ von Albrecht Dürer.

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Erstmals erfolgt überhaupt Publikation in der Internetmatrix in diesem notwendigen umfassenden Kontext auf dieser Webside „“ und „“. Erst durch die Voraussetzung, die dem Herausgeber und Verfasser von dieser Web-Seite die Psycho-Physiognomik und Kallisophie des 1912 verstorbenen deutschen Forscher Carl Huter bot, konnte eine der herausragendsten Leistungen deutsch mittelalterlicher Forschungs- und Kunsttätigkeit in ein rechtes Licht gesetzt werden. Diese wissenschaftliche Begründung erfolgte durch den Nichtakademiker Carl Huter, Begründer der naturwissenschaftlichen Menschenkenntnis.


Die Wissenschaftliche Begründung konnte erst Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts und Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts erfolgen. Erst zu diesem Zeitpunkt, dem Zeitalter Universaler Wissenschaften, waren notwendige Grund-kenntnisse - insbesondere zum anatomischen Aufbau der lebenden Zelle - entdeckt und frei zugänglich.

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Carl Huter (1861-1912) - Der Begründer der naturwissenschaftlichen Psycho-Physiognomik, der Neuen Ethik und der Kallisophie (Schönheitslehre)

Nichtakademiker Carl Huter ist der Begründer der naturwissenschaftlichen Psycho-Physiognomik, der Neuen Ethik und der Kallisophie (Schönheitslehre). Sein Hauptwerk Menschenkenntnis in 5 Lehrbriefen erschien in den Jahren 1904-06. Bis heute erschienen Neuauflagen. Diese wissenschaftliche Begründung erfolgte durch den Nichtakademiker Carl Huter, Begründer der naturwissenschaftlichen Menschenkenntnis. Wissenschaftliche Menschenkenntnis basiert insbesondere auf Zellenkenntnis und Huterscher Kratrichtungsordnung. Carl Huter starb mit 51 Jahren in Dresden, 4. Dezember 1912. Dresden galt zu Recht als das „Elbflorenz“ nördlich der Alpen. Verfasser und Herausgeber, Medical Manager Wolfgang Timm, erblickte das Licht der Welt am 5. Dezember.

Ausserhalb akademisch beschützter Einrichtungen

Es ist wissenschaftshistorische Tatsache, dass dieser naturwissenschaftliche Beweis, in keiner akademischen beschützen Einrichtung erfolgte - sondern durch den Privatgelehrten Carl Huter aus eigener Kraft - im Leben. Es ist Tatsache, dass Carl Huter nie eine staatliche Einrichtung, eine Hochschule oder Universität, besucht hat.


Akademische wissenschaftliche Dürer-Forschung ist hiermit aufgefordert, ihren wissenschaftlichen Horizont auf Grundlage bedeutsamer Forschungsergebnisse zu erweitern. Es ist somit zwingend erforderlich, sich sowohl naturwissenschaftlichen Grundlagen der Menschenkenntnis von Carl Huter, als auch sich aktuellem Wissensstand zur wissenschaftlichen Methode „Verborgene Geometrie“ zu öffnen.

Die Grundfragen der Huterschen wissenschaftlichen Menschenkenntnis lauten:

Woher kommt der Mensch? 
Wer ist der Mensch? 
Wohin geht der Mensch?

Das sind Grundfragen jeder Wissenschaft vom Menschen, ja jedes ernst fragenden Menschen. Die Hutersche Psycho-Physiogomik und Kallisophie, die sich als die umfassende Wissenschaft vom Menschen versteht, befasst sich dementsprechend auch mit dem Woher und Wohin des Lebens.



Goroadachi writes „Let's face it. The majority of the humans on this planet we call Earth are little more than monkeys with the ability to speak and do simple arithmetic. That is not to say that humans don't have the potential to become much more - and we do. But the system put in place for us reduces most humans to rats chasing a piece of cheese, just unwittingly running in circles, never achieving anything meaningful except temporarily satisfying hunger. By the time people are finished with public education, most are fully prepared to accept life as being about chasing the cheese. The system will have trained them well to act in certain ways and expect certain rewards, not unlike the circus animals.

Pyramid with All-Seeing Eye of God. Great Seal expressed the vision of self-transformation

Let's take it from the top. What we have as biological beings, first of all, is the instinctive desire to survive. Our freedom to choose between life and 'death' has thus been automatically taken away. This is the first and most fundamental limitation we face, and this is the first condition of being a biological life form. Individually, we are made to seek and consume food to sustain our bodies. As a race, we are programmed to crave and engage in sex to ensure the continuance of the species.

Declaration of Independence. Signed July 4th 1776. Ratified July 2nd 1776

From these primary human needs arises the secondary desire for cohabitation, a society, which increases the chances of fulfilling the biologically-induced needs. This then gives rise to a 'system', which in turn leads to the establishment of laws and convention-driven behaviors/mentality. 'Fitting in' becomes an important underlying obligation for all members of the system because a system, as a form of machine, has to have all its parts working in harmony to function properly. And so the fundamental needs imposed upon us by nature/biology make conformity a high priority.
The important question, however, is 'Do we really like this situation'? Don't we all crave freedom and creativity as well - something that belonging to an external system inevitably diminishes?
So the United States and other democratic nations promote freedom. But isn't that a little schizophrenic? A system for freedom - it's pretty much an oxymoron. At the heart of a democratic system is election, or the idea of a 'government of the people, by the people, for the people'. In a basic sense, democracy is a system devised to ensure that the most popular views are implemented to keep as many people as possible happy or 'free'. But more bluntly put, democracy is majority rule. It is, in a way, an extension of the high-school type popularity contest. And the ultimate way to win the game, it can be deduced, is to make more babies so that there would be more of your kind, i.e.  becoming the majority faction and gaining the right to decide what should be done. A silly game, is it not? It has very little, if at all, to do with truth.

The democratic (majority rule) system is based on 'the recurrent suspicion that more than half of the people are right more than half of the time'. In other words, it has to do with probability. And everyone knows probability is just that; there are always deviations and exceptions. To put it another way, the fundamental problem with democracy is that it takes a shortcut in deciding what is right. Instead of utilizing pure logic (or 'quality'), democracy relies – out of convenience – on quantity.
Democracy is an effective system but it is by no means perfect. Perhaps it's the best system for a group of not-so-bright people; it can effectively carry a nation forward. But without true intelligence and understanding to go along with it, inevitably it all becomes hollow and susceptible to gross corruption and an eventual total collapse, not unlike the destruction of the World Trade Center twin towers.

Pentagon                         Crash                              WTC-Towers

Incidentally, the WTC twin towers were the most prominent symbol of capitalism, which goes hand in hand with democracy. The driving force of capitalism is the desire for profits. And here we see a clear case of putting 'cheese' in front of a mouse.
People want to survive, thus they want a system and they want it to work well. For the system to prosper, it needs its people feeding their energy and creativity into the system. Seemingly there should be no problem here since the people did want the system to exist in the first place. And yet there is a built-in problem - stemming from the fact that the desire for a societal system was an indirect one. The desire had arisen from biological needs that are imposed on physical beings.
If it can be agreed that people - as sentient beings - inherently seek and deserve freedom and creativity, then living in a system is ultimately a burden, something to be avoided if possible. So people's desire for a system is actually a superficial need based on the superficial impulse to survive. This then creates a situation where the system, virtually independent of the people, needs to motivate its unmotivated people to work for it so that the system may be sustained and thrive. And the system manages to accomplish this by exploiting humans' biologically programmed competitiveness and their programmed desire for physical pleasure. By setting up a 'game' with seductive rewards appealing to the pleasure-seeking human mind, the system successfully gets people start running in the mouse wheel, generating energy which is then fed into the system.

All-Seeing Eye of God - Inner eye is opened

The danger here is the societal system turning into a virtual 'organism' with its own agenda that does not reflect the best interests of the people it is supposed to serve. Instead, the people begin to serve the system. And this 'mutiny' would take place quietly without the people's conscious detection as they would be too caught up in the 'game' to realize what is happening.
A similar 'game' gets played out in the political system of the US (and other countries). The system sets up two or more competing 'teams', designed to create balances and checks. In reality, what results from this is a dysfunctional government, the original intent and purpose forgotten. The 'game', originally meant to serve certain principles, transforms itself into a theater where the desire to win the superficial game supercedes the original goal.

New World Order

I am not saying that the societal system championed by the US is any more flawed than the others. In fact, I would agree that it is the most successful and advanced system in existence today. But this does not cancel the fact that it is still a flawed system. It may work fine for a while, but any time truth/logic has been overridden by the force of convenience, ignorance, or intellectual laziness, its path automatically leads to the formation of a 'false picture' that has to collapse sooner or later from its own weight, along with the culture that depended on it.
And because of this, our society - and western civilization in general - is a 'time bomb' waiting to go off. To avoid this fate, there has to be an effort to weed out the 'bugs' out of the system and make it as honest to reason and truth as possible. This would be a difficult and frustrating endeavor for sure, but such is life and it is the only path to making real progress.
Unfortunately, the projected destruction of the 'false picture' seems to have already begun for our culture. The collapse of the WTC towers on September 11, 2001 could not be a more telling expression of this. The bubble of capitalism is now in its final hours. And, tellingly, preceding 9/11 was the sorry display of the state of the US democracy - i.e. the 2000 presidential election in which people's votes did not determine the victor. (George W. Bush was declared winner by the pathetic 'ruling' of the Republican-dominated US Supreme Court which basically said 'well, there should probably be a recount or something... but, oops, we're out of time, sorry... guess the dumb one will be in the office, but it's not really our decision, don't blame the messenger'.)
I often wonder if the US handled the election properly and followed the true spirit of democracy, 9-11-01 would have been just another ordinary day, in a karmic sense. There is certainly a sense that the beginning of the new millennium was/is designed to be the 'final test' period for the New World. Passing would mean being allowed to move on to the next phase; and failing would mean being allowed to self-destruct. At this time, it appears that the protective mechanism that had been in place has gone offline for the United States.

Two Towers

It should be noted that, at least on a conceptual level, the US has lost the integrity of its main pillars: democracy, justice, and capitalism. What's more, American citizens are slowly but surely losing their freedom and individual rights - a direct consequence of the terrorist events (i.e. 'fear' activating the blind survival instinct). But people can at least put their faith in the higher power. Err... no, wait. Oops, we have learned recently that the the Church people, the self-proclaimed representatives of God, are little more than homosexual pedophiles!
The United States, the leading world power, is methodically being dismantled. Perhaps this is the unavoidable fate of a nation that has placed the pursuit of happiness above the pursuit of truth.
At any rate, the point is this. The 21st century is a new era in which 'appearance' will collapse. It will be a time when 'truth' loses its patience. It is now time to wake up from our spiritual coma. It is time to recognize all the bullshit surrounding our lives for what it is. We have been 'played' by the game for so long. We allowed it because we have the tendency to climb down the spiritual and intellectual evolutionary ladder whenever given a chance. It is facilitated by the biological/physical aspect of our existence. It is something we have to constantly fight against. The 'enemy' is innately within us.
Do we want safety, comfort, and worldly pleasures, or do we want to know the truth? Are you one of those who are just happy to be in 'the Matrix' or are you angry as hell to be in this cage that reduces us to mere circus animals? Are you convinced that we humans are the greatest product of the universe, or are you frustrated out of your freaking mind that human knowledge is not moving forward much more quickly as it should thanks to those who unwittingly serving the 'system'? Are you satisfied to be in the role of a 'sinner' waiting to be 'saved', or are you sickened to your stomach by the idea of being reduced to a helpless monkey in need of kissing some supposed god's or his representatives' ass? Are you willing to be some illusory idol's bitch, or would you rather risk going to 'hell' so that there would at least be some shred of spirit left to be 'saved'? Are you so comfortable in the existing system that you don't want it to change, or are you more than willing to go through trying times of destruction/transition in order to get closer to the truth? Aren't you tired of pretending to be a stupid ape just so that you can 'fit in' when you know you can be much more? Don't you want to live in a place where true intelligence or knowledge is encouraged instead of ignorance, conformity, appearance, physicality, and majority opinion?
It's the beginning of the 21st century for god's sake. It's about time we - at least some of us - decided that we had just about enough of the bullshit that plagues mankind and the planet. The 'game' is stupid and it is getting old. It is about time that we stopped playing it. Some people/generations are chronically dumb and it is probably best that they be left alone. But for the rest of us, it is time to start thinking about marching into the next 'New World' and forming a mentality and community of the truth, by the truth, and for the truth. It is time to re-ignite the fire of imagination and creativity - the long-lost essence of who we are.

200 Years U.S.A.         Mars-Cydonia. 1976

F**k survival of the fittest. F**k convention. F**k rules. F**k popularity. F**k happiness. F**k words. F**k money. F**k so-called religion. F**k academia. F**k specialization. F**k linearity. F**k evil. F**k good. F**k imitation. F**k limitation. F**k realism. F**k reality.

Truth - now this deserves respect.
Let me point out that symbolism, or allegory, is 'truer' than realism in that the former allows more possibilities (or interpretations). And more possibilities – implying greater freedom and less context-dependence – translate to a greater truth.  Accordingly, it's been said that 'the more numerous the poetic meanings that could be concentrated in a sacred name, the greater was its power' (Robert Graves).

Der Phönix war inoffiziell der erste Wappenvogel der Vereinigten Staaten von Nordamerika
NASA: Phoenix Mars Lander 2007

The Etemenanki website views reality from such an angle and offers transcontextual interpretations of world phenomena. It is an attempt to hack and decode the ultimate 'game' we call reality. The website does not claim to give you the truth necessarily, but it at least strives to do what the 'system' does not want done. The hope is that this will provoke some new thinking and new mentality out there.

Not that I have given up on the human race, but it is desperately out of time.  Are we able to overcome who we are in time and complete the gate of the god through which the two worlds unite?  Is it the Hall of Records that we look for, or is it the Tomb of Osiris, or is it Atlantis, or is it that which awaits us on Mars, or is it the fire that resides in the heart?  The Flood came, we fell to our knees - but somewhere over the rainbow was hope.  And hope is all we have...“
Goro. May 9, '02 [Slightly revised  Sept. 16, '03]

Levitating Stone
Original-Literatur vom Begründer Wissenschaftlicher Menschenkenntnis, Carl Huter, und seines bedeutsamsten Schülers, Amandus Kupfer (1889-1952). Timm, Wolfgang. Gesamtschau-Digital: Carl Huter und Amandus Kupfer. Hrsg. Wolfgang Timm. Verlag Carl-Huter-Zentral-Archiv. 2004.

Die Welt-Botschaft 1962
Quelle: Carl Heinrich Huter 1962. C. Heinrich Huter ist Sohn von Carl Huter 

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