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We need to "see through" the global scenarios!

Illuminati Pyramid
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The rulers of the world instigate trouble and misery, while the other parties, the so called saviors of the world, try to help everybody and make things better. Be like Christ and save the world. Well, whatever turns you on. The world does not need saving naturally. It does not need to be saved or fixed. It is exactly what it is supposed to be - All is Well! For example, suppose for a minute that you are back in Grade Three Elementary School. Then ask yourself - am I in Grade Three to make it a better Grade Three? Or do I want to save Grade Three from the lessons that need to be learned? Same with the third density in this solar system. It's fine the way it is!

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What we need to do is "see through" the global scenarios. We need to understand why we are here and must learn how to pass through this third density. We need to see through the games. Everything is exactly as it should be.

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God saw that it was good so to speak. Only after we have understood what this earth is all about, is it possible for us to relax and become an observer. That does not mean that observers are without work. There is plenty of work. Like helping others when asked! In the mean time, third density life is a mixture of pleasure and misery and the only worthwhile task is - to see through the illusions of it and thereby escape from the prison it is...

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We cannot save anyone but our own soul...

Third density is a prison within which we will keep re-incarnating until we know how to escape! Naturally, there are many beautiful aspects in this 3D reality. Millions of them so to speak. Once we have seen them however, and have done it all, why come back and do it again?

MIR SPACE STATION...It is Surounded by UFOs
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Another thing is, we cannot save anyone but our own soul - seeing through 3D is a soul-thing! We cannot give that insight or wisdom to others. Seeing through this is a do it yourself job! So, as things stand, it is normal and necessary for human beings to believe in religions, sin and karma. Human minds are capable to believe in and die for the greatest nonsense. To outgrow our programmed mind means letting our soul shine through. We need to listen to the inner voice. It means letting our soul take over. It will set us free...

Astronaut-Mason took Masonic Flag to the Moon
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... Our OverSoul and its Proliferations ...

There is no karma from the point of view of the OverSoul. However, there is Karma (Better named as Action) from the point of view of the human being. For example, let's say that I am an average OverSoul and I want to have a thousands human instruments living on earth in a widely varying arrangement. This is called the OverSoul's Proliferation.

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So, by means of thought, I (the Oversoul) distribute certain aspects of my energies among a thousand different human vehicles, who in and by themselves become human soul energies on their own. Human soul-minds. These human soul-minds live as aspects-incarnations of the OverSoul within a period of say 300,000 years. I as the OverSoul do this on earth, for I want to experience the human condition on earth, because I have never been on planet earth before...

Human souls are learning - human bodies are not...

So, there they are, a thousand different human beings living over a period of 300,000 years and they are living and experiencing human lives. Since I was an OverSoul am not familiar with the human conditions on earth, there are many things to learn for my human soul-minds. I learn by means of them! Human souls are learning - human bodies are not.

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These human soul-minds or instruments make mistakes in judgement and in order to learn how to correct this, they experience their mistakes from the other points of view in other incarnations. This means, each human soul-mind, as an aspect of the OverSoul energy, is a unit on its own and it is responsible for this human soul-mind or energy. Each human soul-mind cycles back and forth from the earth to the astral after the death and before the birth of the body. From the human point of view, they cycle and re-cycle according to the lessons that need to be learned. Bingo - Karma!

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From the point of view of the OverSoul however there is no karma...

For the OverSoul, there is only learning and experiencing. In the mean time, since the OverSoul has extended itself into one thousand human beings or soul-minds, it is possible that some human soul-minds will not be completely balanced in thoughts and experiences within the set time of 300,000 years.

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Now what? In such cases, the OverSoul needs to pay particular attention to these human soul energies, and if needed, help them in order to finish their journey in a balanced manner. If this is not possible, the OverSoul is held back, for it would not be able to leave the Earth plane completely.

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Anmerkung Timm: Tatsächlich hat NASA Aufnahmen aus dem Jahr 1991, bewußt von einem Astronauten an Bord des NASA-Shuttles gefilmt, freigegeben, die zeigen wie wiederholt mittels unbekanntem Waffensystem auf „The Unknowns“ im Weltraum geschossen wurde. Es findet somit tatsächlich in der Realität eine Art „Krieg der Sterne“ statt. Im Film bewegen sich „The Unknowns“ =Unbekannte Flugobjekte mit unfassbar großer Geschwindigkeit. Nach Aussagen soll es auch schon Treffer der Waffen („Plasma Beam Weapon“) auf diese UFOs gegeben haben. Meine Wenigkeit, Wolfgang Timm, fokussiert abweichend von der „Mainstream-Alternativ-Sichtweise“, die automatisch von Ausserirdischen spricht, mehr auf die irdischen Wurzeln, insbesondere geheime Hochtechnologie-Systeme (Art universeller Graviationsantrieb, der im Prinzip von Nikola Tesla in seinen technischen Grundlagen offen gelegt worden ist, meines Wissens jedoch von den U.S.A. unter Verschluss gehalten wird). Hierbei ist es zwingend erforderlich, sich möglichst vorurteilsfrei auch mit der okkulten Seite des Nazi-Systems und seinen Prototypen von nicht konventionell angetriebenen Fluggeräten sehr genau auseinander zu setzen. Auch hier bei muss jeder sich der Frage stellen: Verharrre ich auf Ignoranz oder öffne ich mein Bewußtsein für meinen wahren Lebenszweck auf diesem Planeten Erde - also wieder die Huterschen Fragen, die dieser vollumfänglich beantwortet: Woher kommt der Mensch? Was ist der Mensch? Wohin geht der Mensch? Die aufrichtige Beschäftigung mit Huterschen Wissenschaften macht tatsächlich frei, da sie die höhere Natur im Menschen anregt, somit die Leitkraft Helioda stärkt und der Seele mehr Raum zur Entfaltung in unseren begrenzten irdischen Körpern gewährleistet - ja garantiert. Hutersches Wissen macht frei und glücklich!

It would mean that some of its energies are still living in human instruments. It would still be attached to earth. No big deal naturally, for the OverSoul exist beyond time and all it takes is to go back in time and help its human soul-minds to complete their cycles. Voila, the little voice speaks louder. Another point here is, in actuality all lives are lived simultaneously from the point of view of the OverSoul. This is difficult to understand - so for now don't break your noodle over it...

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By now the little voice is shouting...

Since we presently are at the end of some very long universal cycles, it is clear that there are enormous efforts put forward by many OverSouls to collect their human soul-minds or energies who are still learning on Earth. No wonder then, that so many people on earth are waking up and want to investigate their belief systems. They become restless and start to ask questions. They want answers! There is a lot more to God than we are told in Church! Religions groups cannot provide these answers for they are bogged down in the pages of the Bible or other books. Besides, the majority of priests, ministers and rabbis are caught in their own belief systems. They teach words and think that they are valuable. In any case, many people know that it is time to move on and up. By now the little voice is shouting. This is why there are so many people in New Age Groups who are trying to get to know the truth about themselves...

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Knowledge is the Clue...

Within these New Age Groups, there are also many people who feel that they are here to save others and try to fix or save the world. These people have not quite understood that there is nothing to be fixed or saved. We need to fix our own soul by means of education - know "what is". The world does not need to be fixed. The truth will set us free!

Illuminati gesteuerte Universitäten: Harward, Yale and Princeton
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This is done by collecting knowledge by means of experiences, including reading and understanding. For example - Love is Understanding. By this I mean, that we must have understanding about the predicament all of us are in. This means compassion for others. We must become aware of the prison we live in. The walls of our prison have been built by our own thoughts and beliefs!


The bricks are chunks of our ignorance. Knowledge is the clue, for as certain channelled entities say: Knowledge Protects! This is a wise philosophy and I agree with it. Knowledge protects us from falling back into the 3D world and be subjected to the nonsense and suffering of this world. It's time to promote ourselves to higher densities. Knowledge is the Clue...

NASA Mitarbeiter beim Start von Apollo 11 zum Mond. Mitte Werner Von Braun
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