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Fünf Lehrbriefe Menschenkenntnis

Woher kommt der Mensch? Wer ist der Mensch? Wohin geht der Mensch? - Die Grundfragen der Huterschen wissenschaftlichen Menschenkenntnis.

Das sind Grundfragen jeder Wissenschaft vom Menschen, ja jedes ernst fragenden Menschen. 

NASAs Grösstes Geheimnis
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1904 bis 1906 hat Carl Huter fünf Lehrbriefe seiner Menschenkenntnis im Atlasformat, 708 Seiten, verfasst und herausgegeben. Seit den zwanziger Jahren des 20. Jahrhunderts bis heute folgten Neuauflagen

NASA wählte Apollo-11 Crew nach Carl Huters Wissenschaften
Quelle: Basler Magazin Nummer 50. 15. Dezember 1979. Seite 1 bis 2. Secret Space DVD-Film
Neil Armstrong. His Father was a 33rd Degree FreeMason

Awareness and/or wisdom is the result of experiences...

By means of mankind and his counselors all happenings or cycles come about in our world. Some of these cycles are thousands and thousands of years long. The cycle we are in at the moment is a negative cycle and the rumor is that it is 432,000 years long. It is supposed to end on December 21, 2012 and it sure looks that way. We have come to the end of the line on this planet.

Der Amerikanische Traum hat nie stattgefunden. Der Amerikanische Alptraum findet statt.
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Meanwhile, we all are instruments of our counselors or the entities who inspire us. They live in higher densities. Mankind on earth lives in third density. Moving up into higher densities is subject to our awareness.

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Awareness and/or wisdom is the result of experiences. We come to earth to have these experiences and we slowly but surely move into higher densities. Our awareness level determines where we find ourselves. We are on a progressive trip in becoming more and more aware. Our awareness determines our function within creation...

Apollo 1                    Apollo 7                    Apollo 8                    Apollo 9                        Apollo 10

The universe creates by means of its inhabitants...

Please remember - the universe or God is not the creator of heaven and earth and all that's in between. Mankind and other light beings and their inspirers create it all.

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They create by means of the Light or Force that lives within them and actually is them! So, the universe creates by means of its inhabitants. The universe as a whole is not aware of this however, and mankind, by means of its individual members, becomes aware of its functions and importance in a progressive manner. Life, God or the universe is like electricity*). Electricity is not aware through what toaster or refrigerator it flows. Sometimes it flows through people and it kills them. We direct and control the power of electricity (Forget about lightning strikes at the moment).

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We also direct the power of the universe - the Power of Life. However, we are not consciously aware of how we are doing this because we are asleep.

NASA-Masonic                                Nikola Tesla      Supreme Council 33° Southern Jurisdiction USA
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We are here to become consciously aware or awaken and learn to consciously control the Power of Life. Life is energy and this energy is the movement of all things in the same way as electricity is the movement of electrons.

The power of electricity and the Power of Life do not ask questions. They only act as directed. To learn to direct the Power of Life is our task. On the other hand, you do not have to learn anything. You also may just sit there and do nothing. You have free will. There is no hurry to do anything. Life is a Play...

*) Anmerkung Timm: Kräfte in Mensch und Universum sind vollumfänglich und sehr präszise bei Carl Huter beschrieben. Näheres hier auf der Homepage - insbesondere „Hauptwerk“ und „Kräfte“.

Ku Klux Klan                                            Illuminati                                        Albert Pike
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What is the purpose of all this commotion?

Naturally, different people create different scenarios on this planet, and other people again, create the opposite in order to correct or improve conditions. Many people think that it is a two party system - the good guys and the bad guys.

NASA-Masonic: APOLLO                              COLUMBIA                                                        ATLANTIS
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Somewhere there is a balance in this creative and destructive activity. In the mean time, mankind has been able to multiply himself to nearly 7 Billion individuals. Nice going! But really?

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What is this all for? What is the purpose of all this commotion? Why so many people? Do we live here to serve God by multiplying ourselves while millions are starving? Is this what God wants? What a weird God this is!

Crowley                                                Dvid Icke: Secret Space                                        Weisshaupt
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Why would this God allow human beings to kill each other or allow so many people to suffer starvation and die? This God must be crazy. If not - we must be! We need to understand, here and now, that all this has nothing to do with God - it has to do with us. Life is about Man! Life is about Humanity and other Beings within the created spectrum. In any case, let's try to find out what's going on...

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Offizielle Mondfotos und Videos ein Mix aus Fiction und Realität
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Levitating Stone

Fallen Angel (Lucifer). Madrid.
 Nahe Anschlagsort in Madrid: „Atocha 311“

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Die  Kronen symbolisieren die höhere Natur in jedem Menschen, sein individueller potentieller innerer Adel. Jedermann ist verpflichtet seinen inneren Adel nach Albrecht Dürer und Carl Huter zu heben Quicktime-Movie: „Eva-Adam“. Forbidden Knowledge. Who We Are?. 30.3 mb. 38:59 min.